Create your first ads.

In this 15-min Twitter video walkthrough I show you how to setup your first paid Twitter campaign.

Welcome to your first experiment πŸŽ‰

Let's see if we can drive a customer with a one-off Twitter spend of Β£25.

Some of the basics, our ad will...
  • use follower lookalike targeting (followers of another account)
  • 2 countries
  • 5 creative (tweets)
  • 2 audiences
  • aim to generate clicks

Our aim is to see if paid ads through Twitter could be a good marketing channel for your business.

In the upcoming video I will show you how in a detailed run-through.

Audiences on Twitter

Amongst other audience targeting, Twitter allows you to target people that:
  • follow competitor accounts
  • follow brand accounts 
  • follow blog accounts 
  • follow influencers

Please refer to me in Slack if you have any questions.

Note: there is a quirk with Twitter ads. When selecting creative, Twitter will only load tweets that can be used for that campaign objective. So if your campaign objective is link clicks, ensure at least one of your creatives has a link in!

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