The course format

The Cohort

  • Each cohort is made up of 10 startup founders
  • All founders are at a similar stage to you
  • There are marketing experiments from Week 1
  • The are weekly cycles of execution and reporting

The course and materials

  • This course is action based, over theory
  • This course is very high-intensity
  • This course requires at least 6 hours a week from you
  • The digital course itself is made up of text, video, quizzes and links
  • The course is available for life, through Podia

The community

  • The cohort stays in touch in Slack
  • Each Cohort has access to its own Channel

The Weekly Call
  • There is weekly, one hour call
  • It's hosted by me
  • This takes place over Zoom
  • Calls are recorded so they can be watched again
  • We review the previous tasks and plan the next

  • 25 video lessons will walk you through the tasks
  • 6 hours for the completion of tasks
  • We are focused on organic marketing but we will explore small-budget paid experiments

First 100 Users: 8-week hands-on course

An 8-week expert supported high-intensity course for founders. Focus on one thing: your first 100 users. And nothing else. 100% money back guarantee.

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